Dear Friends,

i have a really sad announcement to make. Our dear Friend András Selyem (former director of the festival) yesterday passed away. He had an accident in Slovakia 3 days ago, and after 3 days of fight for his life, yesterday he died.
I want to ask you if you can say a small prayer for Him. We lost a great friend, and an extraordinary man.
I’m sorry for the bad news! May the Muuu be with Him!

And the winners are!

The BloodyCow Award – The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9! –  Jake Armstrong

Best Animacion – Urs – Moritz Mayerhofer

Best Short – The rug – Otilia Babără

Best Experimental – The Wonderful Unhappiness – Anca Oproiu

Best Documentary – We are the champions – Visky Ábel

Muuuvi Camera Award – My name is… – Liviu Leleu / Dorin Moldoveanu

Muuuvi Director Award – Zippo – Ismail Jamaludin

Best student muuuvi – The fabulous destiny of Toma Cuzin  – Vlad Trandafir / Paul Negoescu


The festival location is Lăzarea, Lázár Castle, Romania, Harghita County. Closest city is Gheorgheni.

by train – the closest train station (express/ fast train) is Gheorgheni. The way trains stop also in Lăzarea. (You can also take the Taxi (approximately 10 RON) or the bus from Gheorgheni)

by car – From Bucharest through Ploieşti – Braşov – Sfântu Gheorghe -Tuşnad – Miercurea Ciuc -Gheorgheni – Lăzarea.
– From Moldova through: Piatra Neamţ – Lacu Roşu – Gheorgheni – Lăzarea.
– From the south of Transilvania/Banat through: Arad/Timişoara -Târgu Mureş – Bălăuşeri – Praid – Gheorgheni – Lăzarea.
– From the north of Transylvania through: Oradea/Satu Mare/Sighetu Marmaţiei – Cluj Napoca – Târgu Mureş – Bălăuşeri – Praid – Joseni – Lăzarea; respectiv Oradea/Satu Mare/Sighetu Marmaţiei – Cluj Napoca – Târgu Mureş – Reghin – Deda – Topliţa -Lăzarea.


July 31

15:00 Festival opening – DoubleBass Solo Concert of Mayer József

16:30 1st screening session

Springtime (Finland)

Bored to death (RO)

Changeling (Finland)

Transylvanian Fishing Express (RO)

Urban Tree (RO)

Slow train (UK)

My name is… (RO)

Bloom (Singapore)

17:30 Sapientia University Presentation (student movies)

Bertóti Attila: Ariadné fonala 9 min animation 2009
Both Rita: Flört 4 min  2008
Kató Zsolt: Kis halál 29 min – short fiction 2008
László József: Öngol 6 min – short fiction 2009
Felméri Cecília: Kakukk 17 min – short fiction 2007

19:00 Supper

20:00 sZempöl zenekar – Concert

22:00 Dj Grand / Dj Nemo / Zabbo – Dj Sets

August 1

09:00 Morning Coffee

10:00 2nd screening session

My father is a washerman (Singapore)

Interior skies (RO)

Wonderful world (D)

Run for your rights (D)

Happy Birthday (D)

Everybody is equal (D)

+1˚C (HU)

The gynaecologist (E)

Own goal (RO)

Bedtime story (RO, HU)

We are the champions (RO)

Marionette (RO)

An egg`s life (RO)

Surprise (D)

Election ways (D)

True Hero (D)

11:30 3rd screening session

Do you still have it? (HU)

Ayahuasca (RO)


Murderer (RO)

Hotel Fetish-Boys In Shorts Are Not Decent (RO)

Urs (D)

The rug (RO)

The fabulous destiny of Toma Cuzin (RO)

Sketchbook (RO)

10. The Devil and the Potato (RO)

12:30 4th screening session

Ambient town (SLO)

Transfer (RO)

Blessed cue (Slovakia)

Bart (RO)

Low on oxytocin (RO)

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9! (USA)

Cabaret Kadne (ESP)

The Benevolent (RO)

Bozzo (RO)

Folklor (HU)

Homeopathia (HU)

14:00 Lunch

15:30 Suuuper8 – presentation of Nicu Ilfoveanu’s Romanian independent film makers Super8 movies

17:00 16Corto Festival & Ottomani Cultural Association Presentation from Italy

19:00 Supper

20:00 Electric Brother – DJ Set

21:30 – Max Hattler/Noriko Okaku – Oh Yes! – audiovisual experiment

22:30 – PERICOL – Matze / Rolf – audiovisual experiment

23:30 – Óriás zenekar – Concert

01:00 Ali Bishop / Cyborg Templar / James Gond – DJ Sets

August 2

10:00 Morning Coffee

11:00 5th screening session

Another Kind of Passion (RO)

The Wonderful Unhappiness (RO)

Y. C. R. M. D. (HU)

Liberty and Love (HU)

Prisoners of Shadows (RO)

Urban Porkchop (HU)

Light Sea (P)

The Accident (P)

Avanca ‘08 (P)

Greed (P)

At the Dance (P)

Disaster Brothers (P)

Living in the Trees II. (P)

10 Ways to Eliminate a Buddhist Monk (P)

Loldini (P)

12:30 6th screening session

Eat the Young (RO)

A Day’s Work (RO)

Enigma (RO)

Nagyvárad (RO)

Color (RO)

Varadinum (RO)

Nagyvárad (RO)

Hummogó Róza (RO)

The Woman (RO)

Egy őszi hangulatkép (RO)

Woman (RO)

A beautiful day (RO)
Musical (RO)

A fragment (RO)

You Can’t Hurry Love (RO)

Traffic Jam (RO)

Escape (RO)

14:00 Lunch

18:00 Award Ceremony

19:00 Zona Libera Party with DJ Vasile, Rolf, Planet Junk

August 3.

09:00 Everyone goes home J

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Get Your Ticket HERE!

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Submissions NOW OPEN

Show Your Character!


Muuuvi Fest is looking for the most original movie character. Submit your movie presenting the most original movie, animation, documentary character until 10.07.2009.

Deadline: 10.07.2009

What can I send?

You may send any kind of short movie, including animations, documentaries and short fiction.

What I can’t send?

Movies presenting explicit violence, pornography. Movies produced before 01.01.2007. Movies longer then 13 minutes.

Acceptance criteria:

• DVD PAL – format / Mini DV

• 13 minutes maximum length

• Obligatory English Subtitle

• 1-5 Hi-Resolution still pictures
from the movie

• Filled Entry-Form

• Movies produced after 01.01.2007

• Submission deadline: 10.07.2009.
(date of the post office)

Send your movie to:

Centrul Cultural si de Arte Lazarea
aleea Bastionului nr. 67
537135, Lazarea
Jud. Harghita
Specify on the envelope: “muuuvi”

Further information:


The movies will be evaluated by a 5 members international jury. We have 9 award categories, as seen below. The festival trophy looks different every year, and it’s produced by a young artist.
Bloody Cow Award
festival grand prize for the best movie/animation character

Best Animation
for the best animation

Best Short
for the best short fiction movie

Best Experimental
for the best experimental movie

Best Documentary
for the best documentary

Muuuvi Camera Award
for the best image

Muuuvi Director Award
for the best director

Best muuuvi from Gheorgheni
local award for the best local

Best student muuuvi
for the best student movie

Download entry form: