muuuvi is muuuving to Slovakia

It is our pleasure to inform you that, muuuvi will take part on the
ONE FEST, held in Samorin, Slovakia.
There will be a muuuvi tent, where we will screen the best muuuvis
from 2005 until now.
ONE FEST is a much bigger fest, than muuuvi. Freestylerz, Asian Dub
Foundation, Paradise Lost, Anima Sound System, Quimby and many, many,
many more will entertain the party people.
In the muuuvi tent there will be also parties in the night. The
laziest muuuthafuckez in the showbiz will play.
Betyár Animation Group will also be on side, they will make the
animation workshop.
So, if you have time, and money come to SK, to Samorin. It is aprox.
30 km from Bratislava.
See yuuu there.

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