muuuvis in competition

In order of screening

1st screening session

1. Springtime (Finland)

Animation-Beta SP, 2007, 01:25 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script: Maria Björklund

As the seasons change, so do you.

2. Bored to death (RO)

Animation-Student movie, 2007, 01:00 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Scrip/Producer: Crstiana Storvea

This is a short animation I made for my exam in second year.

3. Changeling (Finland)

Animation-Beta SP, 2008, 14:44 min

Director: Leena Jaaskelainen

DOP/Animator: Antti Takkumen/ Maria Bjorklund

Scrip: Leena Jaaskelainen

Producer: Lika Pentiila

Mysterious dangers creep into the life of a new mother and her baby. This animation film is based on old Finnish myths of changelings, and modern motherhood discussion on internet message boards.

4. Transylvanian Fishing Express (RO)

Experimental-Student movie, 2008, 09:07 min

Director/Script/Producer: Murányi János

The movie presenting the beauty and the passion of fly fishing for pike in a few moment. A group of anglers fishing on a romanian lake with full of pike.

5. Urban Tree (RO)

Animation-DV/HD, 2009, 08:45 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script: Vali Chincişan

The animation Urban Tree launches the idea of an endless replication of a unique element. It is about the universal stereotypy at the level of an industry based on routine. The impression left by this kind of approach of reality is one of an electronic poetry, of a self fax machine.

6. Slow train (UK)

Animation-DV/HD, 2008, 04:37 min

Director: Kim Alexander

Dop/Animator: Kim Alexander

Musician: Alex Lloyd

Producer: Alex Lloyd

Slow train is a hand drawn music video produced to accompany Alex Lloyd’s music track on the same name. It follows a man’s journey, the break up of his relationship. His turbulent emotions are beautifully reflected in the landscape he passes through.

7. My name is… (RO)

Fiction-35mm-Student movie, 2008, 11:00 min

Director: Dorin Moldoveanu

DOP: Liviu Leleu

Script: Dorin Moldoveanu

It would have been great if he had a recent „save game”. He wished for that everytime something or someone else walked out on him, again and again. Or maybe it would be best to start the game over…

8. Bloom (Singapore)

Animation, 2007, 6:00 min

Director/Animator/Scripwriter/Producer: Srinivas Bharta (Singapore)

Inspired by a folktale from India this animated short narrates and explores a dreamlike relationship between a young lady and a tree.

2nd screening session

1. My father is a washerman (Singapore)

Animation, 2009, 08:18 min

Director/ Animator/ Script/Producer: Srinivas Bhakta (Singapore)

A washerman struggles with an evil Seareerow who is trying to Snateh Kite from his son.

2. Interior skies (RO)

Documentary-Experimental-Student movie, 2008, 09:34 min

Director: Paul Ştefănescu

In the middle of a concrete world  is forgotten a wild, natural oasis to remember us to the origin.

3. Wonderful world (D)

Fiction-Professional movie-DV/HD, 2008, 00:30 min

Director: Hauke Hilberg/ Simon Ritzler

DOP/Animator: Heiko Gabriel

Script: Simon Ritzler

Producer: Kathin Tabler

It seems to be a perfect, wonderful world.

4. Run for your rights (D)

Fiction-Professional movie-DV/HD, 2008, 00:30 min

Director: Yanine Wolf

DOP/Animator: Clerens Baumeister

Script/Producer: Yanine Wolf

A spctacular run through a city to get the birthday cake.

5. Happy Birthday (D)

Animation-Professional movie-DV/HD, 2008, 00:30 min

Director: Agrieszka Kruczek

Script: Tim Günther

Producer: Janine Wolf

The world sings a happy birthday song to the Honair lights.

6. Everybody is equal (D)

Fiction-Professional movie-DV/HD, 2008, 00:30 min

Director: Tim Günther

DOP/Animator: Peter Matjasco

Script: Tim Günther

Producer: Judith Schöll

Everybody is equal in front of the Law…

7. +1˚C (HU)

Experimental-Professional movie-DV/HD, 2009, 01:57 min

Director: Dénes Ruzsa

DOP/Animator: Fruzsina Spitzer

Script/Producer: Dénes Ruzsa

Many scientist say that if the Earth’s temperature increases by more than one degree Celsius, extreme weather conditions will be a regular occurrence. The film shows that unattractive future and some of the reasons for it.

8. The gynaecologist (E)

Fiction-Professional movie-DV/HD, 2008, 10:00 min

Director: Alfonso Camarero

DOP/Animator: Pablo Mangiarotti

Script/Producer: Alfonso Camarero

A gynaecologist is working in her office at the hospital as everyday. But the next patient… is a boy! Naturally the gynaecologist throw out the joker. But he returns with the coordinator (gynaecologist’ boss), who commands the gynaecologist to examine her (meaning the patient)! It’s not a joke, it’s a conspiracy! But the troubles of the gynaecologist are just beginning…

9. Own goal (RO)

Fiction-Student movie, 2009, 7:00 min

Director//Script: László József

DOP/Animator: László Lóránd

Producer: Lakatos Róbert, Szántai János, Felméri Cecilia

The return match will take place this weekend, and it will be transmitted line.

10. Bedtime story (RO, HU)

Animation-Beta SP, 2008, 02:18 min

Director/ DOP/Animator/Script: Kassay Réka

Producer: Durst György, Zágoni Balázs

The story of some prisoned honey cookies. Animation made of cookie characters, by the story of Örkény István.

11. We are the champions (RO)

Documentary-DV/HD-Student movie, 2008, 10 min

Director/Script: Visky Ábel

Producer: Lakatos Róbert

Two homeless men decide to organize their own Christmas party. They find a christmas tree in a frozen creek, go to the priest for some candles and clean up their shed int he middle of the city park. In the night some friends accompany them: they bring a cassette recorder and start listening to old time hits, like we are the champions.

12. Marionette (RO)

Animation, Beta SP, Student movie, 2009, 02:50 min

A movie about how a script comes to life borrowing it’s creation’s personality.

Director/DOP/Animator/Script: Ruxandra Mihai

13. An egg`s life (RO)

Animation-Beta SP-Student movie, 2008, 01:50 min

Everybody dreams of being promoted at work. Even an Egg does. Is it really worth?

Director/DOP/Animator/Script: Ruxandra Mihai

14. Surprise (D)

fiction, professional, DV/HD , 2008, 0:30 min

What will happen, if you interrupt a torture?

Director: Hauke Hilberg/ Simon Ritzler

Dop/Animator: Heiko Gabriel

Script: Hauke Hilberg

Producer: Kathrin Tabler

15. Election ways (D)

fiction, professional, DV/HD, 2008, 0:50 min

Two boys, two ways… a spectacular free-run through Berlin to get at first to the election.

Director: Yanine Wolf

DOP/Animator: Clemens Baumeister

Script: Yanine Wolf

Producer: Janine Wolf

16. True Hero (D)

Fiction-Professional movie-DV/HD, 2008, 00:30 min

Director: Tim Günther

DOP/Animator: Peter Matjavsko

Script: Tim Günther

Producer: Judith Schöll

You don’t need to be a hero to defend the human rights.

3rd screening session

1. Do you still have it? (HU)

fiction, DV/HD, 2009, 8:00 min

A TV crew make an interview about John K., who lost his affinity for work. The TV crew still has it? Do you still have it?

Director/DOP/Animator/Script/Producer: Gábor László

2. Ayahuasca (RO)

Experimental-35 mm-Student movie, 2008, 03:35

Director/DOP/Animator/Script: Cătălin Toma

Producer: Letiţia Ştefănescu

An ethnobotanical researcher has a laboratory accident with an exotic compound. Rushing to find the antidote, he downs the wrong potion. The mix sends him into a world of bizarre hallucinations that gradually take hold of him.


Fiction-DV/HD-Student movie, 2008,09:28

Director: Ismail Jamaludin

DOP/Animator: Cătălin Toma

Script: Ismail Jamaludin

Producer Letiţia Ştefănescu

A troubling nightmare is discussed by two men in a dark alley. The man talking is vividly affected by this experience, that he feels is governing him. The recurrent dream is about a pyromaniacal kid who meticulously tries to set him on fire.

4. Murderer (RO)

Fiction-DV/HD-Student movie, 2008, 01:47

Director: Ismail Jamaludin

DOP/Animator: Cătălin Toma

Script: Ismail Jamaludin

Producer: Letiţia Ştefănescu

I learned it for Norman Bates (…) He made it look so easy. A slasher buff brings down from the silver screen and into real life the cold blooded percision of a calculated murder.

5. Hotel Fetish-Boys In Shorts Are Not Decent (RO)

Fiction-DV/HD, 2008, 04:32

Director: Cătălin Rulea

DOP/Animator: Dan Vezentan

Script: Cătălin Rulea

Producer: Mihai Marin

Music video for now disbanded indie act Hotel Fetish.

6. Urs (D)

Animation-DV/HD-Student movie, 2009, 10:00

Director/DOP/Animator/Script: Moritz Mayerhofer

Producer: Stina Mc Nicholas

Many years Urs looked after his aging mother. But now he sets out for a dangerous journey. He carries her up a mountain to find a better place for both of them. But his mother doesn’t want to leave her home…

7. The rug (RO)

Fiction-Student movie, 2008, 06:14

Director/Script/Producer: Otilia Babără

Two young fellows are looking for a money to buy another bottle of vodka.

8. The fabulous destiny of Toma Cuzin (RO)

Fiction-35mm-Beta SP- Student movie, 2008, 11:00

Director: Vlad Trandafir/ Paul Negoescu

DOP/Animator: Raluca Vasiliu/ Augustin Bucur

Script: Vlad Trandafir

Toma Cuzin was an authentic adventurer. He liked the cigarettes with strawbery flavour, the miracle of the oldstyle hats, but his favourit parfume was: Caractére.

9. Sketchbook (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, animation, 2008, 01:04

Director/DOP/Animator:Piros Boróka

Confetti(-events) between the pages of my sketchbook.

10. The Devil and the Potato (RO)

DV/HD, experimental, 2009, 10:00

Director/ Script:Oláh-Badi Levente

Production company:

Some aspects in one nations kind are given at the beginnings of time, and are hidden in the subconscious.

4th screening session

1. Ambient town (SLO)

Documentary-Experimental-DV/HD-Student movie, 2007, 5:00

Director/Script: Barbara Turk Niskac (SLO)

Enjoy the ambiental atmosphere in Ljubljana.

2. Transfer (RO)

Fiction-Student movie, 2009, 7:00 min

Director/Script/:Jack Rider (RO)

What would happen if we could just change our body? This short feature shows us the last interview of a young woman who’s about to be transfered to a new body. A short look at a possible future.

3. Blessed cue (Slovakia)

Experimental-Student movie, 2008, 01:40

Director: Gábor Pribék

Blessed cue is an experiment that I made only from photos. It is an atmospheric video with industrial sound effects.

4. Bart (RO)

Documentary-Student movie, 2007, 10:00

Director: Ioan Valentiru

DOP/Animator: Adrian Grigorescu

Script: Ioan Valentiru

Producer: Ionela Şopterean

At his age Bart can have any of the things that young people are running for, money or career, but he chose something else.

5. Things are reversed int he water…(RO)

Animation-DV-Student movie, 2008, 01:32

Director/DOP/Animator: Valeriu Căliman

Sometimes the upside-down is a lot of funnier than the rightside-up.

6. Low on oxytocin (RO)

Experimental-DV/HD, 2008, 02:11

Director: Florin Mustaţă

Superseding the deceiving image of control and communication, we succomb into the unconscious, thus letting humanity disintegrate itself outside the individual. Coming back to being a person, we regain our primitive reactions: fear, emotions, memories of hidden unconcious leftovers…

7. The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9! (USA)

HD, student movie, fiction, animation, 2009, 05:45

Director/ Script /DOP/Animator:Jake Armstrong

A space bounty-hunter travels to a lonely planet to kill a terrible monster.

8. Cabaret Kadne (ESP)

35 mm, animation, 2008, 04:50

Director/Script:Marc Riba/Anna Solanas

DOP/Animator:Núria Riba

Otto and Lola, two cabaret artists, fill their lives with their passion: acting.

9.The Benevolent (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, fiction, 2009, 02:31

Director: Alexandru Lungu

DOP/Animator:Adrian Tudose

Script:Simona Mantarlian, Alex Lungu

Production Company: UNATC

An American style “trailer” for a movie that doesn’t exist. A short movie made for a selfportrait exercise.

10. Bozzo (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, fiction, 2009, 02:31

Director: Alexandru Lungu

DOP/Animator:Adrian Tudose

Script:Simona Mantarlian, Alex Lungu

Production Company: UNATC

An American style “trailer” for a movie that doesn’t exist. A short movie made for a selfportrait exercise.

11. Folklor (HU)

16 mm, fiction, 2008, 3:36

Director: Fülöp Farkas

DOP/Animator: Spáh Károly

Script: Fülöp Farkas, Spáh Károly

Production Company:Kiégő Izzók

Video for the Hungarian band Esclin Syndo for the song Folklor.

12. Homeopathia (HU)

DV/HD, experimental, 2007, 2:35

Director: Kitzinger Gábor

DOP/Animator: Sarkadi Nagy Balázs, Fülöp Farkas, Zádor Tamás, Noll Márton

Script: Kitzinger Gábor

Production Company:Kiégő Izzók

Video for the band Zuboly for the song Homeopathia.

5th screening session

1. Another Kind of Passion (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, 2009, 06:16

Director/DOP/Animator/ Script: Mihály Emese

In a monochrome metropolis a “used to be workaholic” girl finds the way to her passion.

2.The Wonderful Unhappiness (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, fiction, 2009, 10:10

Director: Oproiu Anca

DOP/Animator:Diana Grigore

Script:Andreea Ignat, Anca Oproiu

Production Company: UNATC

It was not about losing himself but about never finding his place again.

3. Y. C. R. M. D. (HU)

DV/HD, experimental, 2009, 5 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:David Adamko

Y. C. R. M. D. is a part of an installation. It’s about the artistic intention. The artist dressed in a bear suit makes visual and sound art.

4. Liberty and Love (HU)

DV/HD, experimental, 2009, 2:30 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:David Adamko

Liberty and Love is the documentation of a video installation. Eyes and a mouth telling Sándor Petőfi’s poem in Chinese are projected at the head of Michelangelo’s David.

5. Prisoners of Shadows (RO)

DV/HD, animation, 2009, 2:45 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Gergely Szilárd

Shadows, prisoners, the sun – Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”

6. Urban Porkchop (HU)

DV/HD, experimental, 2009, 13 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script: Kassay Csongor

First pigkilling. Tradition without workmanlike…

7. Light Sea (P)

Beta SP, fiction, 2008, 5:42 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Luis Costa

Production company: FALO Filmes

Cape Verde, a dream of a trip by the sea.

8. The Accident (P)

Beta Sp, animation, 2008, 7 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:André Marques

Production company: Filmógrafo

José is a clumsy blicklayer. The laws of gravity and the lack of safety at work put him in a dangerous situation. This is a story of a man who suffers an industrial accident.

9. Avanca ‘08 (P)

Beta Sp, animation, 2008, 1 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:António Osório

Production company: Cine Clube de Avanca

Cow Skywalker tries to defend AVANCA from Cow Dark Vader.

10. Greed (P)

Beta Sp, animation, 2008, 3,05 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Cláudio Sá

Production company: Cine Clube de Avanca

“Greed” tell us a story about an ambitious man who would do everything to attain one’s end.

11. At the Dance (P)

Beta Sp, animation, 2008, 4,08 min

Director/Animator/Script: Xavier Alreida

Production company: Cine Clube de Avanca

Urban icons, signs, the arrows of transit, the different letterings of the streets, the cities scenarios, the cycle of the days, unexpected encounters, tragedies, comedies, solitude, friendship: everything “at the dance.”

12. Disaster Brothers (P)

Beta Sp, animation, 2008, 1 min

Director/Script: Vitor Lopes

Animator :António Osório

Production company: Cine Clube de Avanca

Disaster brothers found a solution for one more problem.

13. Living in the Trees II. (P)

Beta Sp, animation , 2008, 1.30 min

Director/Script/Animator: Vitor Lopes

Production company: Filmografo

When there’s no patience to listen to others, anything can happen.

14. 10 Ways to Eliminate a Buddhist Monk (P)

Beta Sp, animation, 2008, 1.30 min

Director/Script/Animator: Vitor Lopes

Production company: Filmografo

Beijing Olympic Games.

15. Loldini (P)

Beta Sp, animation, 2008, 1 min

Director/Animator: Vitor Lopes

Script: Carlos Silva

Production company: Filmografo

Impossible Records and beyond.

6th screening session

1. Eat the Young (RO)

35 mm,student movie, experimental, 2008, 03:43

Director/ Script:Leo Winslow

DOP/Animator: Valentin Simeonov

Production company: endslate Production & Amateur Trebuchet

A young hopeful wishes to join an underworld mob but first must prove himself to the boss.

2. A Day’s Work (RO)

35 mm,student movie, fiction, 2008, 06:17

Director:Mircea Ghinescu

Script: Mircea Ghinescu, Leo Winslow

DOP/Animator: Vlad Cioplea

Production company: endslate Production

Arriving home late at night after a hard day’s work, a young husband and father greets his wife and baby son. His wife has no idea of the real nature of his work and asks why is there blood on his face.

3.Enigma (RO)

35mm, student movie, 2008, 3:39

Director/ Script:Kürti István

Production company: EMTE Sapientia

The film searches the realms of imagination and reality, by showing the inner journey of a painter.

4. Nagyvárad (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, 2009, 01:50

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Ary László, Ferencz Hunor, Kubanek Csaba

Production company: Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem

5. Color (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, 2009, 2 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Szőcs Tamás

Production company: Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem

6. Varadinum (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, 2009, 02:08

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Murányi-Matza Teréz, Bódi Anita

Production company: Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem

7. Nagyvárad (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, 2009, 01:12

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Groos Zselyke, Hátszegi Zsolt

Production company: Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem

8. Hummogó Róza (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, 2009, 4 min

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Fekete Szabolcs

Production company: Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem

9. We Are Waiting for the Same Bus (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, 02:15

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Fekete Szabolcs

Production company: Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem

10. The Woman (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, 2009, 01:10

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Fekete Szabolcs

Production company: Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem

11. Egy őszi hangulatkép (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, animation, 2009, 01:05

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Groos Zselyke

Production company: Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem

12. Woman (RO)

DV/HD, student movie, animation, 2009, 01:27

Director/DOP/Animator/Script:Hátszegi Zsolt

Production company: Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem

13. A beautiful day (RO)

Fiction – DV/HD – Student Movie, 2009, 08:35

Director: Iulia Enculescu

DOP: Diana Grigore

Script: Rozana Mihalache

Producer: UNATC

Producer: Doina Maximilan

In a place isolated from humans, where only nature follows its course, many things can happen. A man rides a bicycle, the next curve might change his life forever.

14. Muzical – Musical (RO)

Documentary – DV/HD – Student Movie, 2009, 13:00

Director/DOP/Script: Dripal

A short documentary about some passionate people. Passionate about music. It’s about the way music affects our lives.

15. A fragment (RO)

DV/HD – Student Movie, 2008, 7:00

Director/DOP/Script: Dripal

A movie shot in one shot. A brief overview of a break up. Or of a love story. Depends how you want to see it… Trying not to be corny 🙂

16. You Can’t Hurry Love (RO)

Student movie, animation, 2009, 2:35 min

Director/Animator/DOP/Script/Producer:: Simovici Florian

“The courses of love did never run smooth. ” W. Shakespeare Two small bugs are desperately trying to have a date.

17. Traffic Jam (RO)

student movie, animation, 2009, 4:15 min

Director: Liviu Bărbulescu & Mădălina Sauca

Animator/DOP: Liviu Bărbulescu & Mădălina Sauca

Script: Ela Duca

Production company: U.N.A.T.C.

A guy in a hurry ventures into traffic without knowing that to get from red to green, he doesn’t have to go through yellow, but brown.

18. Escape (RO)

Experimental, student movie, DV/HD, 2009, 5:30

Director: Ispas Alexandru

Animator/DOP: Radu Voinea

Script: Ispas Alexandru / Ioana Mischie

Production company: U.N.A.T.C.

In a world invaded by plastic Adan and Eve, the biblic couple try to escape.



  1. Its 16th july today. Where is the list of movies in the compitition?

  2. Why are the muuuvis not published yet?!? Is there going to be a competition or not?

  3. only 10 days left for the event. Where is the list of movies in the compitition?

  4. Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay, but the large number of sent muuuvies was quite hard to process. Anyway, here you can find every movie entered in the competition program of Muuuvi Fest 2009. Good luck everyone! Aaron Balazs, Muuuvi Fest – Art Director

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