Awards List

Bloody Cow Award – for the best muuuvi of the festival (festival Grand Prize)

Blu: Muto

Best Animation – for the best animation of the festival

Ducki Tomek: Életvonal

Best Short – for the best short fiction muuuvi of the festival, for the best script

Zomborácz Virág: Nyomtávváltás

Best Experimental – for the best experimental muuuvi of the festival

Max Hattler: Drift

Muuuvi Camera – for the best picture

Declan Hanning: Csapás

Muuuvi Director Award – for the best director

Csáki László: A hangya és a tücsök

Muuuvi Character Award – for the best actor / animation figure

Anton Slisko: God from Obsession

Best muuuvi from Gheorgheni – for the best muuuvi from Gheorgheni

Berszán Árus György: Kinda Lázár és a csiki traktor

Best student muuuvi – for the best student muuuvi

Koszti Cristina: Manifeste Urbain

Dorin Moldoveanu: The Other One

Special Mention of the Jury

Török Tihamér: Easy Life.

For 2007 winners click here.


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