Our Special Guest

As you might know, muuuvi festival is unique in Romania, because we
put the spot on characters.
Even the grand prize of the festival goes to the best character.
From this year on, we would like to present yearly a world famous
animation character.
This year we will begin with the Belgian Tintin.
Tintin is a well known hero, but unfortunately not so popular in this
part of Europe.
We will try to popularize him and his adventures, or at least to
present Tintin to the audience of the festival.
Mrs. Anna Novotny, a young tintinologist from Budapest (HUN) will
present him and his adventures.
The series will be showcased on English, without subtitles.
The Adventures:
– Tintin in America
– Cigars of the Pharaoh
– The Blue Lotus
– The Broken Ear
– The Black Island
– King Ottokar’s Sceptre
– The Crab with the golden claws
– The shooting star
– The secret of the unicorn
– Red Rackham’s Treasure
– The Seven Cristal Balls
– Prisoners of the Sun
– Land of the Black Gold
– Destination Moon
– Explorers on the Moon
– The Calculus Affair
– The Red Sea Sharks
– Tintin in Tibet
– The CAstafiore Emerald
– Flight 714
– Tintin and the Picaros


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